Custom Design & CAD Drawing Creation of an Automated Histology Slide Stainer Used in the Medical Laboratory Instrument Industry

This automated histology slide stainer was designed for unattended and overnight use within a medical laboratory. Because the slide stainer is a continuous-duty application, it requires a high degree of reliability. This particular system needed to be able to handle up to 30 slides with tissue samples, as well as multiple batches, each with a different staining protocol, running concurrently. In addition to these considerations, we made sure our system had a small footprint to conserve laboratory bench space.

The design, CAD drawing creation, and prototyping process began with a new product design, with our mechanical engineers working alongside control systems engineers, purchasing agents, and manufacturing personal. Because of the nature of the slide stainer, motion control and thermal management components, along with hazardous vapor control mechanisms, were included. With manufacturability, serviceability, and ease-of-use in mind, Triumph Engineering developed a sound manufacturing approach and provided all manufacturing documents in Solid Edge, making sure to adhere to all of our client’s specifications.

Made from aluminum, corrosion proof materials and finishes, stainless steel, and thermoplastics, the fabrication process involves an array of manufacturing technologies, from electronic packaging and linear positioning, to machined and molded parts, thermoformed parts, and motor drives.

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Product Description
  • This Automated Histology Slide Stainer was designed for unattended, and overnight operation within the medical laboratory industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Design & Mechanical Engineering
    • New Product Design
    • Concurrent Engineering, Includes our Mechanical Engineers Working with:
      • Control System Engineers
      • Purchasing Agents
      • Manufacturing Personnel
    • Prototype
    • Manufacturing Documentation in Solid Edge
    • Motion Control
    • Thermal Management
    • Hazardous Vapor Control
    • Select Purchased Components
    • Design for
      • Manufacturability
      • Serviceability
      • Ease of use
Automated Histology Slide Stainer Features
  • Operates Unattended, and Overnight
  • Requires High Reliability in a Continuous Duty Application
  • Handles Batches of up to 30 Slides with Tissue Samples
  • Handles Multiple Batches, Each with a Different Staining Protocol
  • Multiple Batches Can Run Concurrently
  • System Contains a Small Footprint to Conserve Laboratory Bench Space
Overall Dimensions
  • 20.9″ H X 33.5″ W X 26.3″ D
Manufacturing Technologies
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Linear Positioning
  • Machined Parts
  • Molded Parts
  • Motor Drives
  • Sheet Metal Parts
  • Thermoformed Parts
Construction Materials
  • Aluminum
  • Corrosion Proof Materials & Finishes
  • Stainless Steel
  • Thermoplastics
Material Finish
  • 180 Grit Grain Finish Stainless Steel
  • 2 Part Epoxy Industrial Paint Finish Aluminum
Industry for Use
  • Medical Laboratory Instrument
Delivery Location
  • Warrington, Pennsylvania
Standards Met
  • Customer Supplied Specifications
  • UL, EU Directives: EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery
Product Name
  • Automated Histology Slide Stainer