Medical Laboratory Instruments

Triumph Engineering Group has experience designing automated instruments for the medical laboratory. Some examples include automated slide strainers, and tissue processors for a histology laboratory.

As medical testing laboratories become more automated, Triumph can help companies that supply that industry develop new products. This service can be to supply mechanical design services to an OEM, or, working with partner resources, to develop a turnkey solution.

Business Benefits:

Working with Triumph Engineering Group gives your company access to:

  • Experienced staff to complete the design work on time and within budget
  • Experience complying with industry regulations
  • A network of vendors and service bureaus to design and build your product
  • A broad and deep level of knowledge and experience
  • Resources to quickly expand your work force to meet short term goals
  • The latest mechanical design tools
  • Facilities to build and test prototypes and first articles


Triumph Engineering Group tailors its services to the medical laboratory market to ensure the design meets expectations. These services might be a simple improvement to an existing product, or the ground up design of a new and unique instrument. We work closely with our clients to bring the product to market faster, better, and cheaper.

Design Process:

Triumph’s process for designing new medical lab instruments involves:

  • Working with the client to create a functional specification for the product
  • Identifying industry regulations that apply
  • Understanding the clients goals, and the market’s requirements
  • Designing the product to meet all requirements
  • Meeting regularly with the client to ensure the project is progressing on time, and within budget
  • Working with companies in the clients supply chain to ensure the product will be robust, and affordable
  • Ensuring the manufacturing documentation is accurate, and easy to understand
  • Supporting the client through prototype, and beta unit building and testing

Triumph Engineering Group follows best practices for new product development. Our team will work with your company to design a product that exceeds the expectations of the medical laboratory instrument market.

Please contact Triumph to get started on developing your new and unique Medical Laboratory Instrument.