Design for Military Applications

MilitaryThe U.S. military places unique and rigorous requirements on products used for defense. The harsh environment and potentially violent situations demand strong, reliable equipment. Triumph Engineering Group has designed products and equipment for military applications from sophisticated electronic devices to robust containers for product storage and delivery.

Business Benefits:

Working with Triumph Engineering Group gives your company access to:

  • Experienced staff to complete the design work on time and within budget
  • Experience complying with military standards
  • Familiar with requirements to make the products “soldier proof”
  • Ability to analyze designs
  • Resources to quickly expand your work force to meet short term goals
  • The latest mechanical design tools
  • A staff made up entirely of US citizens, all working domestically


Triumph Engineering Group works closely with military equipment manufacturers to ensure that the designs meet their requirements. Triumph’s design contribution can range from a simple improvement to an existing product to a “clean sheet” development project for an entirely new product.

Design Process:

Triumph’s process for new product design involves:

  • Working with the client to create a functional specification for the product
  • Identifying military specifications that apply, including MIL Spec 810
  • Understanding the clients goals, and the end user requirements
  • Designing the product to meet all requirements
  • Meeting regularly with the client to ensure the project is progressing on time, and within budget
  • Working with companies in the clients supply chain to ensure the product will be robust, and affordable
  • Ensuring the manufacturing documentation is accurate, and easy to understand

Triumph Engineering Group follows best practices for new product development. Our experienced team of engineers and designers can work with you to bring your design to the marketplace faster than you could do so on your own.

Please contact Triumph to assist you in designing your revised or new equipment for the demanding military market.